Architectural Studio 2 // Architecture in the Airspace above Laneways

Architectural Studio 2 //
Architecture in the Airspace above Laneways

Building in the Gaps Studio Assignment. Aim: Design in the airspace above Laneways in Southport to help rejuvenate local urban character and to encourage further development in the area.

Concept 1/3: Urban Farm – Features: Runs completely on sources of renewable clean energy (Compost Gas Collection, Solar and Wind Energy.) Any soiled or un-sold plants are put into a compost bin system which supplies nutrients for other plants to feed off. The Urban Farm can heat and cool itself through principles of solar passive design. it has both Indoor and Outdoor Grow Areas. Indoor grown Fruit and Veg is grown on a series of hydroponic grow shelving. The grow rooms are also separated to create multiple ideal growing conditions and to contain the spread of disease. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and collected into a series of Water Tanks to service the building and supply the Fruit and Veg. The produce can be sold below by at a Farmers Market on the weekend’s or monthly basis, which also helps save the environment and the cost of transportation to other points of sale. And finally because the majority of produce is grown inside and at optimum conditions there are no need for dirty pesticides and chemicals making the fruit and veggies fresh and organically grown for the local southport community.