Architectural Studio 2 : Architecture in the Airspace above Existing Buildings

Architectural Studio 2 //
Architecture in the Airspace above Existing Buildings

Studio 2- Project 3 Description:
Architecture On-Top, Airspace Above Buildings Studio Assignment. Aim: Design in the airspace above an existing building within Southport. Taking into consideration the Urbanscape, Landscape, Street & Pathway layout and linkages, forms and intensity of transport and parking, Built Form, Building Types, Entry and Edge Treatment between the public and private realms, Adjoining properties, Land-use and functions, Human activity, Lighting and Sense of Place. There were 27 buildings within the designated precinct in our search group of 9 we had to individually conduct a thorough analysis of 3 buildings and collate all of our data and from that amalgamated group data select an appropriate building to build above. I was allocated buildings 24, 25 and 26. However from the group data results for my chosen building use I determined that building 18 was the most appropriate.

Nominated Precinct Urban Analysis

Concept 1/1: Student Accommodation – Medium Rise

Why I chose Affordable Student Accommodation:
– Zone 1 in Southport is primarily made up of 52% Commercial, 15% Industrial, 4% Retail, and 29% Empty or Unidentified. These factors, coupled with the future closure of the Gold Coast Hospital, indicates a real need for development, in particular residential property that will encourage further growth and pedestrian traffic during both the night and day. In turn this will encourage financial growth resulting less empty buildings – regenerating life back into this forgotten corner of Southport.
– The Selected Building Site (18) is Close to the major amenities, such as the GCRT and public transport, shopping, recreational and most importantly, academic facilities.
– Close and convenient to the stationary supplies of Officeworks, the neighbouring blue building behind.
– There are a number of academic facilities within this southport central and surrounding area, such as Gold Coast Institute of Tafe, Griffith and other alike institutions.
– Rawlins street is currently only used as a through fair for traffic and entry to officeworks.
-This type of mixed use Commercial & Medium rise residential development will encourage further growth for the area through street activation and passive surveillance. The Streets behind, apart from the eastern end of bay street, have become activated through the cafes and its close proximity to the courts and the public carpark.

Student Accommodation Design Features:
Communal – Laundry, Roof top Terrace, BBQ entertaining area and green house, Library and multi-purpose room (that can be an indoor or outdoor room), the Media Room and Lounge.
Private – Kitchenette featuring fridge, sink, cupboards, stove, oven and bench workspace. Overhead shelving for storage, Built in Robe and Storage cupboards. Built in Study desk, Ensuite bathrooms, Double Bed, Built in 2 person table, Flat Screen Television usually positioned on a wall that can be seen from multiple angles.

Building Materials & Construction:
– 2700mm Ceilings minimum with others on the rooftop raked.
– 90mm Steel frame & light weight construction claddings such as Greenboard NRG and Scyon Matrix Cladding to match the existing building below.
– Purple tinted and Opaque glass
– Trimdek roofing for flat and white sections of roof & Ritek roof system for the butterfly roofs which have raked ceilings.
– Aluminium Feature Battening
– Bamboo Internal Flooring & Feature ceiling lining

Sustainable Design Features:
– Aquaponics and Green House to grow their own fruit and Vegetables
– Solar Passively Designed
– Living Green walls and Planter Boxes integrated into the façade.
– Solar Panels on North facing sections of Roof
– Light, Ventilation and Service wells
– Rainwater Collection: 5 Tanks of 12,500L per tank = 62,500L
– Recyclable, sustainable materials and water saving appliances
The passive surveillance design and the external staircase serves for security, but also facilitates an aesthetically appeal and interest to the current quiet & bland streetscape.